Your rivals start, the president is delayed

The Republicans and the RN have started their campaigns. On Monday, the ecologist Pole, who has teamed up around EELV, will do the same. Where do you think

“Today I am unable to say: I am going or I am not going. My calendar remains unchanged, I will not comment until mid-March. I’m in the business and it’s complex. We are reaching the heart of the economic and social crisis, and to face that I want to be President for as long as possible. “”

But you negotiate …

“Of course I’m not doing anything. The political space is not huge, we are in absolutely terrible confusion. In the face of this crisis, however, I do not want to find out what we have implemented in relation to other plans for several months and years. So I get ready to go, but under no circumstances will I go, that’s obvious. “”

“My sincerity is playing tricks on me”

What are your conditions

“It is the union of the left. My family is the leftist and the environmentalist, and I cannot divide myself with a national rally at the gates of the region. Union has to be the mantra. I feel pretty confident when I see how we argue amongst ourselves whether it is the Greens or the other components of the left. “”

Aside from the fact that EELV would like to use this election at national level to calibrate the armed forces before negotiations for the presidential election …

“This is where the specialty of our region comes into play. An outgoing president has fully integrated energy and environmental priorities into her public policy for the past thirteen years. Why shouldn’t we be the exception at the national level as every rule leads to exceptions? When I see Corinne Lepage taking part in the EELV movement, it makes me happy and calms me down. I’m on the same wavelength as them, on a fault line, transformative but sane. She is pragmatic and knows that nothing and everything can be done. In 2015 we were allies and this can be a convergence factor. “”

EELV, which did not participate in the current mandate, feels freer. The PCF, LFI or GRS consider you to be too moderate …

“To be honest, we’ve missed the Greens and the PCF since 2015. In the discussion, I can see that we are meeting on important public measures, even if there are issues on which both proceed differently. What fermentation of the split is making me sad, but I repeat, I have confidence. When the Greens launched their appeal last September, I added the policies I had followed to every point I made and I had something to say. To be honest, there aren’t many stones in the pc. And we all talk together on a common platform. “”

But there is still the danger: in 2017 you voted for Emmanuel Macron …

“It sticks to my skin, but I won’t deny myself. My sincerity is playing tricks on me, I could have done it like many who voted for him but didn’t say it. This guy seemed to offer me an interesting path . I liked his book Revolution, with its chapter on professional safety. I admit I’ve come back from it since, but I’m not into the primary anti-macronism that systematically hits him on the back. I’m not made to do it. Instead of insulting each other Throwing on this issue, we look at what has been done in our region in relation to our common values ​​and talk about what is still a problem. “”