Yvelines. Community aid was abolished “to strengthen the families of the offenders”

The various right-wing mayor of Poissy (Yvelines), Karl Olive, voted in the city council on Monday evening for the suspension or even the lifting of certain municipal aids to “hold the families of the offenders responsible”.

This decision was adopted with 36 votes out of 39 and, according to this document, follows “repeated acts of violence” over the past six months: busloads, fights between young people, mortar fireworks on the police or another attack with the ram car and fire in an associative room. The mayor of Poissy, Karl Olive, claimed “to overstep the reciprocity between rights and obligations” and is targeting “the age group between 12 and 17 years, very virulent,” he said.

Help with access to leisure activities and scholarships

From the first warning to the law, the municipal allowance for access to leisure time will initially be suspended or even withdrawn if a repeated crime is committed, said the elected official. Certain scholarships for middle and high school students – between 100 and 400 euros per month per student – are also affected by the decision.

On the other hand, these sanctions do not affect the school canteen, extracurricular activities and family allowances so as not to jeopardize the vital everyday life of families, the mayor, also President of the Génération Terrain Association, qualified.

Karl Olive hopes by this decision to “provoke a meeting with the parents”, like the Mayor of Etampes, Franck Marlin, who in 1998 was one of the first to take this kind of measure.

“At the time it was controversial”, the mayor acknowledges various rights, which however welcome the “50% success” of this device for more than twenty years in his city and enable him to get in touch with families every month concerned.

Similar provisions

The LR mayors of Rillieux-la-Pape (Metropolitan Region Lyon) and Valence had taken such measures in 2018 and last December, respectively.

In 2005, LR Deputy Mayor of Draveil (Essonne) Georges Tron decided to suspend municipal aid to the families of young violent criminals when then Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy revived the debate on abolishing family allowances for the families of young offenders.